Anima Iris Pop-up At The Lotte Accra

Here at the Lotte Accra, we pride ourselves in curating and collaborating with luxury African brands to provide our customers with nothing but exceptional experiences. 

It was an absolute delight to host Anima Iris’ first ever pop-up event in Accra! 

Carefully handmade by seasoned artisans in Africa, Anima Iris produces colorful leather handbags for the unafraid, emboldened, outspoken and emblematic woman. 

Customers were treated to a sneak peek of Anima Iris’ SS22 collection which encapsulated the brand’s brilliant marriage of ever-evolving designs with unrivaled attention to detail. 

The memorable event, heavily attended by “Irises”, was filled with so much laughter and joy.

Anima Iris pop-up at the Lotte

Anima Iris pop-up at the Lotte Accra

Anima Iris pop-up