Kokrobitey Institiute's Pop-up & Wote Collection Launch at the Lotte Accra

Recently recognized by Vogue, Kokrobitey Institute is widely celebrated for their immense contribution to the sustainable and ethical fashion narrative.

It was such an honour for the Lotte Accra to host Kokrobitey Institute's pop-up and the launch of their K.I. Design Wote collection.

Renee C. Neblett(Founder and Director of Kokrobitey Institute) leads a team of local artisans who employ the use of ethically-sourced materials to produce urban, colorful garments and their Wote collection reiterated that.

The event also had photos showcasing the institute's ethical processes involved in the production of the collection. Shoppers were impressed by the Wote collection which had beautiful, vibrant gender-neutral pieces fused with classic clean lines with an urban urge.