The Kayayei Collaboration

Our weekend was quite an eventful one thanks to the Glitz Africa!!

African Fashion Foundation (AFF) in partnership with The Lotte Accra and the Adonai Children’s Development Foundation (ACDF) presented the inaugural Kayayei Collaboration Collection at the Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2020. AFF created this project to empower, equip and encourage young street females by pairing them up with some great talent in the fashion accessory and garment industry in West Africa for a skills exchange programme.

The genesis of this incredible journey begun during this pandemic. There’s no doubt that COVID-19 hit us all so hard and interrupted so many aspects of our lives, but it’s important to always find a positive outcome for a negative situation and The Kayayei Collaboration Collection  was that opportunity!

The pilot project was done with Ophelia Crosslands and Velma’s Millinery & Accessories who kindly took on Gifty Alazoe (a young kayayei, mother of 1) and trained her in beading and basic sewing and millinery skills. She was able to use these skills to contribute to the limited edition Kayayei collection that was created.

The final collections are available for purchase exclusively at our store, The Lotte Accra.