The Lotte Accra Grand Reopening

After months of diligent planning and preparation, we finally reopened our store for business at our new location in the heart of Cantoments, Accra; 33C Josif Broz Tito Avenue.

In line with one of our goals with the new location that is to be able to provide our luxury brands with their own retail footprint, we introduced The Lotte Luxe - a collection of 5 designer brands; Christie Brown, David Tlale, Torlowei, Daniel Diyepriye and Sukeina who now call The Lotte Accra their second home in our "store-within-a-store".

The event saw a massive attendance by well-respected industry players and dignitaries; Aisha Ayensu & Vanessa Bannerman of Christie Brown, David Tlale, Renee C. Neblett of Kokrobitey Institute and Her Excellency Rebecca Akuffo-Addo amongst others.

The evening progressed as guests explored, discovered and shopped specially curatred african brands in-store whilst enjoying our cocktail menu.

The Lotte Accra store reopening

The Lotte Accra store opening

The Lotte Accra store reopening

The Lotte Accra store reopening

A big thank you to everyone that honoured our invitation, sent in a word of enciuragement, that shopped, and supported from near and far. We couldn't possibly do this without you all. Thank you!.